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No Frills Directions and OD Trails

Kevin Baird
The OD website at has the No Frills
entry for both the endurance ride and the R&T.  Directions can
 be found on both entries.

For only $25 lousy bucks you can be a member of the OD and
receive one of the funniest newsletters you will ever read edited
by the OD's own Dr. Lani Newcomb.  Not only funny but informative.

And as a special bonus, OD members get some pretty good directions
to prime OD trail head locations with great trail directions.

Now how could anyone turn that down!

But wait there is more!!  You also get to associate with really
great people!!:)

So blow the dust off your wallet and send some money to Dr. Lani.

She will hook you up with a new member info pack!!!

    Check it Out!    

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