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A collection of John Henry stories and photos over the years

... as he aims for his 6th Tevis Cup buckle in 2024

My friend Bruce Weary occasionally posts a story or two about John Henry, the poster boy for the most atypical endurance horse on the planet, let alone Tevis horse. People seem to enjoy tales of him, not as much for his deeds on the endurance trail, so much as for his being a consistently kind, humorous, blue-collar kind of horse that has no business out racking up Tevis buckles, but here he is doing it, anyway. Bruce and I have agreed that if John were a person, he would be Springsteen, or maybe Jimmy Buffet—-just a down home, talented guy that has a certain charisma that speaks to his many fans. I think if he was human, he’s be the type to do autographs and photos with his fans for hours after every gig.

As people have expressed an interest in hearing more about him, his exploits and our sometimes bumpy road together, I thought I would start posting his story. I seem to be incapable of being succinct when it comes to John, so I will break it up into chapters, and post them every now and again as we wend our way towards this year’s Tevis yet again. Almost certainly his last trip to Robie Park, but wouldn’t bagging that last buckle #6 be a nice way to finish off his story and his several comebacks from severe injury. - Susan Garlinghouse DVM

John Henry Chapter 1

John Henry Chapter 2

John Henry Chapter 3

John Henry Chapter 4

2021 Tevis Cup - Jenny Gomez

John Henry featured in The Sound Advocate 2020