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Arabian Nights 100/50 Mile AERC, CEI***/** Endurance Ride

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Course Phases

There will be six course phases. Each phase completes with a Gate into a Hold. Prelimary Criteria is 64bps (subject to change).
    100 Mile:                                      50 Milers:
        1    20.2mi       20.2mi      30 min     
        2    17.5mi       37.7mi      40 min           2    17.5mi       17.5mi      40 min     
        3    15.5mi       53.2mi      50 min           3    15.5mi       33.0mi      50 min     
        4    16.2mi       69.4mi      60 min           4    20.3mi       53.3mi      FINISH     
        5    19.6mi       89.0mi      30 min     
        6    10.3mi       99.3mi      FINISH     

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Phase 5 and Phase 6

Phase 1 will be a 20.2 mile loop returning to base camp. You will start at 6:00AM at first light. Footing is generally good, with some stretches of sand and some short sections of rocky trail.

Phase 2 will be an 17.5 mile leg, mostly jeep tracks and Oregon Trail, there will be some sand on the trail and in the washes, with a hold at the vet check at Sierra del Rio Ranch (a historic ranch along the Oregon Trail). Vet check will provide horse hay, and food/drinks for riders, crew and staff. There are many large trees for shade, but you may want to set up addition shade.

Phase 3 is a 15.5 mile loop returning to the out vet check at the Sierra del Rio Ranch. This will have mostly good footing, and a few minimally rocky sections. You will drop down into the Snake River at two points along this beautiful section of trail.

Phase 4 is a 16.2 mile leg returning to basecamp. Some sand, long sections of dirt and gravel road (good footing), some rocky trail. The 50's break off and complete an alternate Finish, following the same trail the 100s will use on Phase 6.

Phase 5 is a 19.6 mile loop out of camp. Some jeep track, some dirt road, a little rocky trail. The file part is shared with Phase 6

Phase 6 - A shortened version of Phase 5. Sharing the same High Ridge stretch.