Beginning this year, 2004, ALL riders in FEI 3-star (100 mile)  rides in the U.S.A. MUST have either an FEI Passport or a National Passport for their horse.  If the horse already has a valid, current FEI passport, check the items under “Rider Requirements” only.


To acquire either passport before your first FEI ride:

1. As owner, get your horse life-recorded with US Equestrian, a requirement for any passport. To get the form, go to and click on “Forms and Pubs” and then “Membership”.  The cost to Life Record is a one-time fee of $200.  You can either download the form, fill it out and mail it in, OR, do it online by going from the Home Page directly to “Memberships”, logging in as a USEF member, and filling out the online Life Recording Form.


2. Be sure that your horse has or gets the two intramuscular equine flu shots (one initial and the second within the 21-92 day period after the first shot, and that the vet has recorded the batch numbers to put on the passport form. The nasal form of the equine influenza shot cannot be used for the primary inoculations. If the horse has already had the two primary shots and needs a booster, be sure that it is given WITHIN one year of the second inoculation, and is not given within 7 days of the event, or start over with primary shots. 


3. Write to Lynn McCoy ( or phone her at 859-225-2020 and have her send you the detailed info on how to do the diagram/written description of your horse. READ IT CAREFULLY, and either do the picture/words yourself in exact detail or have a very knowledgeable vet do it all.  (If you do the diagram and the description yourself, we suggest that you do it first on a practice diagram and have your vet approve it before you transfer it to the pages in the passport.) Either way you will have to have the vet verify the form while looking at the horse,  make any corrections, and sign the sheet. You will need a black and a red pen to do the drawing; you will probably need a stool to view the top of the horse well.  Be aware that most applications for passports are rejected because the drawings are not done correctly and/or the written description is not in anatomical terms -- this will delay the approval of your horse’s passport.


4. At the same time, tell Lynn that you need an official application form for the National ($50) or FEI ($300) Passport.  If you do not intend to go to Canada or overseas, the National Passport is the least expensive; it is good for the life of the horse and you can always upgrade it to FEI status in future by   paying the additional $250.  If you already have an older National Passport for your horse, you need to fill out the new application form and return it with $15 and the old passport, so they can issue the new National Passport just approved by the FEI for use in FEI competitions.


5. Be prepared to pay the new High Performance Fee at the ride,  either $50 Fee per ride or $200 Due for all FEI rides in 2004. If you do more than 2 rides, you will have to pay the $200 Sr. Due. The due/fee for Junior riders is $100/year, but must be paid in its entirety.  You may pay it on the Membership Application form, or at the ride with a credit card number or by check (NO CASH accepted as this form must be mailed in immediately at the ride


Rider Requirements 2004:

1. You must be a member of USEF with Discipline Fee paid: $50 total.  For application form, go to, then to Forms and Pubs, then to Membership or go from Home Page directly to Membership and do it online with your login codes.


2. You must be a member of AERC International (extra $10)