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Rain in the NW

Hi, Campers,

  Lynnette said we here in the Pac Northwest have had 84 days of rain. No,
ma'am, we've had 94 days of rain, and broke the record for total amount by
some obscene amount, like three times the normal rainfall............

 But "depressing"? Naw. See, my Arabian doesn't realize he's supposed to be
afraid of water. He does a terrific breast stroke, is green where he used to
be grey, and I no longer need to have him shod because he grew EasyBoots
instead of hooves. At least, that's what his feet look like they're made
of...though I can't tell because he's got mud to his knees. 

If I am wrong about the number of days of rain we've had, i'm gonna be angry,
because I want to know where was I when we went seven days without rain???
But I must admit, the sun did come out today. We built this huge bonfire,
danced around it beating the drums, and sacrificed a goat, until that big
glowing ball in the sky went away. The children were terrified, but I wasn't
scared...I've seen the sun before. I'm glad, though, that the kids got to see
it. I bet it's something they'll tell their grandchildred about....

Michelle (who really didn't sacrifice a goat) and Jordan, who wonders if he'll
EVER get to go outside without his blanket....

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