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Re:RC: Rain in the NW wrote:
> Hi, Campers,
>   Lynnette said we here in the Pac Northwest have had 84 days of rain. No,
> ma'am, we've had 94 days of rain, and broke the record for total amount by
> some obscene amount, like three times the normal rainfall............

My exact words were and I quote, "Although I would rather have cold and
sunshine then 87 or better straight days of rain, 

Please read again, I said "87 days or better" because the last time that
I heard it was 87 and it was still raining. 

Love the idea of mud created easy boots, though,  using mother nature to
save money is something that I love to do. I will have to try it. :-)
Tell you children we see the sun on a regular basis and it can grow on
you. After a while we grow to really love the sun. although an
occasional day of clouds and rain is nice to have. But 94 STRAIGHT DAYS!
You know Noah only had to have 40 straight days to float his ark. Have
you started to build yours yet? If we had 94 straight days of snow, they
would have to shut down the state of ND and announce to the world that
officially ND no longer exists. But then again there are some people in
the US who don't believe that ND exists now. After all with only two
families living in the state it is an easy conception to gather. ;-)

We do have sunshine today but the temperature after being in the 40 and
50 most of February is down in the 20 today. Not fair. 

>  But "depressing"? Naw. See, my Arabian doesn't realize he's supposed to be
> afraid of water. He does a terrific breast stroke, is green where he used to
> be grey, and I no longer need to have him shod because he grew EasyBoots
> instead of hooves. At least, that's what his feet look like they're made
> of...though I can't tell because he's got mud to his knees.
> If I am wrong about the number of days of rain we've had, i'm gonna be angry,
> because I want to know where was I when we went seven days without rain???
> But I must admit, the sun did come out today. We built this huge bonfire,
> danced around it beating the drums, and sacrificed a goat, until that big
> glowing ball in the sky went away. The children were terrified, but I wasn't
> scared...I've seen the sun before. I'm glad, though, that the kids got to see
> it. I bet it's something they'll tell their grandchildred about....
> Michelle (who really didn't sacrifice a goat) and Jordan, who wonders if he'll
> EVER get to go outside without his blanket....
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