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Re: RC: Nick Warhol's Twenty Mule team story

Thank you for sharing your story Nick.  I'm really sorry that the ride 
didn't work out for both you and Judy.  I remember seeing Warpaint a couple 
of times - he was cruising along so well that he was nothing more than a 
blurr <G>.   Aside from being out of the ride, Shatta looked great at the 
lunch stop.  :)

Would just like to comment on how well the trail was marked - the entire 
100 miles - even the night loops.  I become directionally challenged "nada 
= 0 times".  It was great!  The footing for the most part was excellent and 
everything else seemed to fall into place.  They even had *two* kinds of 
hay for us at the vet check - it was really great not having to go looking 
for hay at any of the checks, it was either in the trailer or else right 
there in front of you (wherever it was that you were).

The weather really was nice, we only got a little bit of a breeze going 
well after dark (after midnight I think)....the vetting was excellent, and 
of course it was nice getting Rocky thru his first one day 100.  He did a 
good job, and the only problem is that he is taller than I am and so 
getting on and off isn't very much fun.  Especially if you are 
hallucinating at 2 something in the a.m. <vbg>

Oh....and I suppose I should thank Susan Garlinghouse :).  As soon as she 
got set up in camp (I did wait till she got the horse unloaded, honest), I 
brought Rockhead over so she could tell me his body condition score.  Lucky 
her, eh?  Here Susan, nice to see ya...hey could you feel my horse up and 
tell me what ya think?   hehehe

Happy Trails,

in NV
& Weaver, 2,455 miles
& Rocky, 1,175 :)

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