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Re: RC: orthoflex girthing issue

Chelle Sherman wrote:
> Hello Ortho-Flex Users: I have wondered for years whether anybody
> successfully uses a girth with elastic ends on this saddle - mine has
> the long dressage-type billets. I use the standard ortho neoprene,
> totally indestructible girth. I have never had a rubbing problem with
> this girth, but I have to tighten it up to belly-buster level so that it
> will be the proper tightness after I am mounted. 

I have the Express Lite with the same billets.  I haven't used a girth
with elastic, so I'd be interested in hearing the replies, as well.

As the rider settles into the saddle, the flexible panels mold to the
horse's back and the girth does tend to go from snug to loose.  I often
ride that way - the panels conform so well that the saddle really
doesn't slide around much with a loose girth.

If I feel that I do need the girth snugged up, I can sometimes ring our
doorbell and get my groom (aka very nice husband) to come take it up for
me.  If I have to do it myself, I dismount and do it quickly, while the
panels are still "down" and conforming to Rocket's back.

One friend put a 50lb feed sack across the saddle as she tightened the
girth - it seemed to be enough weight to do the trick for her.  I'm just
afraid that the Hoover Vaccuum that I ride would eat it all before he
was girthed up!

All in all, tight girths are not all that they're cracked up to be for
endurance.  A little daylight between the girth and the horse shouldn't
be a problem.

Linda Flemmer

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