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orthoflex girthing issue

Hello Ortho-Flex Users: I have had an ortho (Dresseur) for 8 years now,
and I love it still. It fits my mare very well, even though I still have
the old panel system. I have wondered for years whether anybody
successfully uses a girth with elastic ends on this saddle - mine has
the long dressage-type billets. I use the standard ortho neoprene,
totally indestructible girth. I have never had a rubbing problem with
this girth, but I have to tighten it up to belly-buster level so that it
will be the proper tightness after I am mounted. It is difficult to
adjust it from the saddle because of the long billets and my energetic
mare who will wait for 5 seconds, but not for 5 minutes, for me to get
going. She is generally stoic about the girth tightening, but it is
clear that she doesn't like it, and she's become quite a bloater. I
would like to relieve my mare of this discomfort, and short of having a
groom to tighten my girth for me after I'm mounted (har, har), I don't
have a solution. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Chelle and Dy

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