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Re: RC: Busted Condition (BC) Award

>Dear Selection Committee,
>I hearby nominate Angie McGhee for the 1999 Busted Conditon Award for
injuries obtained at an race and excellence in reporting.
>>To all other riders - you now have a benchmark to measure your 
>injuries against.

I hate to say it, but I have to remove myself from consideration.  I was
not only not worthy...I was an absolute disgrace to the sport.

I was actually WISHING I'd get pulled, I even stopped without having to
be urged by vets or concerned personnel.  Granted, I was bleeding, and
walking like a drunk at times...but Karen Chaton probably would have
considered this one of her "better days".

Sure my horse did some gymnastics...but he was still trotting sound
though bloody and scraped.  We had no bones exposed.  No vet wrap and
surgical tubing splinting broken duct tape being used where
stitches were needed....  hardly worth calling endurance
competitiors..either one of us. 

Then, to cap it all off.. I had the nerve to have my ribs X-rayed...
which EVERYBODY knows is useless since they're not going to do anything
about it. (I actually thought it might get me out of some chores at home
but to no avail). 

 If I were worth my salt I'd be calling in sick to work tomorrow and
packing up for the Oconee ride this Saturday, where they're expecting
rain.  But then again, Kaboot DID go 73 miles, so he's still due 
Saturday off.  Think I'll just snuggle really deep in the covers on Sat.
morning, listen to the rain on the tin roof and enjoy my wimpiness.


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