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Re: RC: Busted Condition (BC) Award


> I hate to say it, but I have to remove myself from consideration.  I was
> not only not worthy...I was an absolute disgrace to the sport.

Not so fast!
1.  You have no say in this matter.
2.  False humility will NOT get you out of this (just as fained 
broken ribs did not get you out of work).
3.  Even though you wanted to get pulled, it was not your intent to 
go road diving.  OTOH, if you fell off intentionally or Kaboot fell 
intentionally (or was tripped intentionally), THEN you are 
4.  X-rays are not forbidden.  However, you do lose points. 
5.  Karen Chaton and Lucy Trumbull have not been nominated for this 
year's award (yet).  Therefore, you have a chance at winning.  And 
the award is really great!

Linnea :-}

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