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Toklat for OF

>Linda, where did you buy a Toklat pad for your OF? I don't recall 
>seing anything on the OF sales list nor in any of the catalogues that
carry >theToklat Woolback products. Or did you have it custom made?

I use a Toklat pad I got from Sportack.  I sent them an outline of the
panels to my Express.  First they sent me an Australian Saddle size.  It
was huge and covered lots of unnecessary areas.  I sent it back, then
they sent a dressage pad, which is really a little small.  My panels hang
over it about 1/2" in the rear but since they don't touch his back, it's
simply like having shorter panels..  I had to borrow a Toklat pad that
was the standard type made for Saare or Big Horns and it worked perfect
on my Express.  Wish I'd gotten that one to begin with.


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