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Re: Loin rubs and OF saddles

Linda Flemmer wrote:
<< I bought a Toklat Woolback pad  that is made for my OF Express Lite - I
it, and it was 1/2 the price of the OF wool booties.>>

Linda, where did you buy a Toklat pad for your OF? I don't recall seing
anything on the OF sales list nor in any of the catalogues that carry the
Toklat Woolback products. Or did you have it custom made?
Btw, I had my OF Featherlight updated with new panels about half a year ago.
They are shorter and so far the saddle seems to fit well on both my Arabians (
one with a short back and high withers and the other one with a littler longer
and pretty straight back and lower withers). I also think that Ortho Flex
customer sevice has improved since they now have outside dealers taking care
of all retail business, at least around here. However, I also had the booties
refitted for the new panels and paid $20 for what I consider a real joke: they
just ran them once through a sewing machine, it was still too big and the
extra material was bulging up on the side. It's really easier (and cheaper) to
do this yourself.

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