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Re: RC: Here's What I've Learned


You show a lot of potential.  I think you have met the requirements for
Advanced Rookie Rider (ARR --- a noise often emanating from endurance riders
in a variety of annoying situations, such as, but not limited to:
- when the lid refuses to come off the grain bucket: & the horse is getting
excited because he sees you trying vainly to get the lid off & is nickering &
pawing loudly at 4:30 am
- when the over-excited horse steps on your foot when you try to give him the
grain you finally got out of the grain bucket
- trying to get your swollen foot in the riding boot
- what you think every step of the 50 mile ride as your swollen toe rubs up
against the stirrup (but since you are now an ARR you wouldn't dream of not
- etc, etc, etc.)

Tempo, Kadance+/, Farafix (whaddya mean we get excited about grain!?!)

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