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Re: RideCamp: Re:Haylage vs Cubes


> I went to the Triforage site, and the Horsehae sounds good.  But would
> most probably be cost prohibitive as I live in Florida.

Florida is hot too isn't it? You might find your 
open bags going 'off' quite quickly, unless you 
have several horses to feed.

> My question is, how would Horsehae (the haylage) compare to hay cubes? 
> Any information available?  

In which way?

For a horse with COPD (heaves) or a healthy horse 
that I just wanted to keep in a low dust 
environment I would go for the haylage every time 
(if I could) unless I had a toothless wonder in 
which case I'd go for soaked cubes.

The reasoning being that I think my horse would 
be happier (and safer) eating long stem grasses, 
than a bucket full of cubes. But this is just 
a 'feeling' I get - it isn't based on any facts. 
It must be nicer for them to munch stuff out of a 
haynet? Wouldn't it last them longer and keep 
them more occupied than the equivalent quantity 
of cubes would?

Or maybe not? I don't know how many cubes you'd 
feed to provide the same nutrition as a net full 
of haylage......?

IOW, I don't know! <g>

Liz and Basil The Nag

Dr E Carpenter
Institute for Cardiovascular Research
The University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT, UK
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