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Re: RideCamp: Overnight tied to trailer

In a message dated 3/3/99 3:47:23 AM Pacific Standard Time,

<<  I'm scared that he might break his neck when trying to roll
 while tied.  Is this an unfounded fear?  I can just see him getting the
 rope caught in his front foot while pawing, then rolling and hurting himself.

Hi April, my horse loves to roll also.  After a ride I try to find a nice soft
sandy spot for him then let him know it's o.k. and he rolls away while I hold
the lead rope.  THEN I take him back to the trailer, tie him up and no
problem.  He does roll a bit at the trailer with never a problem.  He lays
down to sleep and even when he paws for his breakfast (big stinker), no
tangling.  You just have to be very exact about how long the leadrope is and
be careful of cotton ropes stretching.  I do prefer the cotton, but you have
to check occasionally and make sure it hasn't stretched to the wrong length.
The correct length is when the snap is about 1/2 inch from touching the ground
when you really pull on the rope.  I also prefer a bull type snap because the
horse can't come unsnapped when he's messing around with buckets and hay bags.
Be sure to secure buckets so that your horse can't tangle with them.  It
sounds more complicated than it is.


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