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Re: RideCamp: First outing surprise

Hi, it sounds like mountain bikes are something that you should
introduce your horse too -- just to make sure he doesn't run away
from the "wheeled horse" :)

I was wondering if anyone else had this problem -- last summer I was
riding George (a QH) on an organized trail ride (about 25 miles)
and he was of the firm belief that he must be at the front of the
pack -- until the "big-eared horse" (a mule) did his ee-aw sound
directly behind george.  George naturally hooked an immediate left 
and tried to run off.  Does anyone else condition their horses to
the sounds mules make?

Hope & Dixie (does it ever warm up here?!)

>bikers on a narrow trail.  Tempo pulled to get up right behind the 
biker --- I
>was able to keep him (barely) from literally breathing down the poor 
>neck, who was a good sport about it.  Tempo had his dam right behind 
him, so
>he couldn't have been lonely --- seemed to be real curious about the 
>horse in front of him.  

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