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Flight/Fight Reflex

Hi guys,
	Interesting incidents abound!  Sunny and I were out doing our thing when
low and behold a "booger" appeared in the form of a horse-eating
horsetrailer.  It was unhooked and parked all by itself not doing anything
strange at all.  Her head comes flying up, muscles quiver, wild eyed and
she CHARGES the darn thing!  I've had her do this before when she is scared
by something, instead of stopping - she runs towards it.  I've stopped her
every time before she gets to (insert booger here) and made her stand and
look at it because I'm afraid she's going to get right up on it and then
her flight reflex is going to kick in.  Generally, she calms down and gets
a grip and we just go on.  But, what is she doing?
	Is she trying to get a better look or is she attacking the darn thing?  I
haven't ever let her proceed without interference.  I would like to
understand the thoughts behind her actions.  So, anybody have a Commando
horse out there?
Rachael & Sunny (who tried to attack a large cabbage last week)

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