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Fw: stallions in camp/on rides

>As the owner of a fine well-behaved stallions (father, son), I must say
>sex of a horse is not nearly as critical as training!  I competed a
>one year only but never had a problem with him.  Had ride judges
>he's a stallion, I would never have guessed if I hadn't seen his ride
>card/paper!  On trail, he was a perfect gentleman and would canter/lope
>by side with a mare without the mare owner knowing that I was riding a
>stallion.  Only one time a problem in camp (pleasure ride we attended) was
>the mare who destroyed her part of her trailer, halter/lead and tried to
>back into my poor guy as he was double tied to the trailer!  He looked very
>apologetic as I tried to get her away from him before she hurt him!  (He
>also bred mares pretty regularly and without much fuss but knew this wasn't
>the time or place.)
>>From the other side, I ride mares all the rest of the time.  I have seen
>mares kick out at my mare with no provocation.  I have had geldings run up
>on top of my mare's rear assembly.  I have also ridden with a couple of
>who were mounted on well trained stallions and we had a some very nice
>conversation as we rode side by side down the trail.
>It's a real shame to blame all stallions for the antics of a few whose
>riders should have known better and/or trained better.
>Vickie Smith
>Smithfield Appaloosa Rangerbreds
>Lincoln, Vermont

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