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Earlier vet checks

The last 25 miler I did was at the Natchez Trace Ride and the first loop was
17 miles.  Somewhere in that 17 miles I knew my mare was having problems, but
due to inexperience I didn't know what.  I slowed her down and would stop to
rest regularly.  I would see a puddle of water way off the trail and go to it
so she could drink, which fortunately she did willingly.  I got off and walked
to give her a break.

I was thinking all along the way that 17 out of the 25 miles did not average
out very good for the first vet check.  It was way more than half the distance
of the actual ride.

I was never so glad to see the camp when I finally got there.  As it turned
out my mare was in the very beginning stages of cramping and tying up.
Needless to say we pulled immediately.

I think the first vet check ought to be at least less than half of the
distance of the ride.  Maybe a ratio could be worked out to fit whatever
distance you are riding.


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