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Re: full recovery at vet checks?

>But how long does it take roughage to become useful in this way? I thought
>water was absorbed from the hind gut--that's about 8 hours away from
>isn't it?

Potentially longer than eight hours.  But a stomach full of roughage is
going to cause more stretch than other feeds, which is going to release the
hormone motilin.  That's going to increase peristalsis, and move already
digested food and water from the cecum into the colon for immediate
absorption.  So it's not today's roughage that's being absorbed---it's

>I'll see if I can find anything on fluid shifts and carbs. Let me know if
>do. Where is the fluid going? to the muscles? if so, it's right back into
>circulation as soon as the fuel its coupled with is burned.

While you're looking, check out Argenzio's work on fluid shifts as a
function of feeding intervals.  Fluids are removed from the plasma, go into
the lumen of the gut and reabsorbed within a few hours.  But a few hours can
be a long time to an endurance horse already on or over the the edge of
dehydration.  Might have some interesting implications that can be drawn
twords carbs and fluids as well.

Susan G

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