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This post is in response to Cindy's original post about arthritis and also
to Nancy's response to that post.  I also use Springtime's J-Flex
Concentrate and think that it does help my mare (coming 15 yrs this
summer).  In 97 she was diagnosed with ilia-sacral subluxation and had a
long time off with very gradual return to work. She seemed to come back
fine and we did several LDs in 98.  I had her on J-Flex and thought that it
helped; had tried Flexxion (another CS, but not nearly as concentrated) and
didn't think that it did anything.  I ran out of J-Flex and didn't reorder
it and we did an LD in Dec and got pulled at the vet check.  I really don't
think that not having her on the CS is what caused her to get pulled (MUCH
more likely the way that I rode the ride, about which I am not pleased, but
another story altogether!), but I ordered more as soon as I got back from
the ride. I think that the 'every horse is an individual' really applies
here.  Some may respond to the less concentrated (and less expensive) CSs
that are available.

Nancy said that the Sringtime's J-Flex is $.76 per day for 85 day supply.
This is exactly what they say in their catalog, but that is for an 85 day
supply for a 2 g portion per day.  It is a little mis-leading because they
recommend to feed 8 g  per day for the first week then taper off to 4 g per
day.  If you feed as they recommend, the '85 day' supply is actually used
up much quicker.  I purchase the 12 oz container (a quoted 170 day for 2 g
portions), and giving the 8 g per day for the first week, it lasted me 2.5
months (about 11 weeks).  I should get about an extra week for the next
container since I won't need to do the loading double dose the first week.
It cost me about $1.60/day.  Hope this helps!


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