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more vet checks

Cindy:   speaking as one who just p n  r'd for the first time,   I don't
think more vet checks are needed.....(here I go out on a limb...)   more
riders need to know basic things like how to take a pulse,  how to cool
their horses....etc....

It was areal eye-opener for me to hear rider after rider ask for a
"courtesy check..."   "I don't have a heart rate monitor....would you
check my horse's pulse please?"  It was done very nicely but don't they
know it is their responsibility to know their horse's heart rate,  if
they don't have a heart rate monitor, stethoscopes are not
expensive.........taking the pulse can sometimes be hard but it is

Before we put he onus of caring for our horses on more vet checks, lets
get the basics down!

I was very very very very lucky to be taught how to do endurance rides
by Marci Cummingham and Cheryl and John Casdorf.   Each of these folks
has acheived a great number of miles.  Cheryl many top tens but that
isn't the important part to me.   Each of these folks keeps their horses
for years and years and years.   These are the riders I look to because
it is my goal to not only do miles but , hopefully , to do them with the
same horse.

jan freed

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