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Re: RideCamp: AERC Convention

C Eyler wrote:

> The official proposal was a minimum of two vet checks per 50
> >miles with the first check in the first 15 to 18 miles.
> >
> If Nancy Loving and other vets think we need more vet checks, then IMHO
> we'd best pay attention.

In our neck of the woods (mid atlantic aka NE Region), I seldom see a 50 mile
ride that DOESN'T have a vet check between 15 & 20 miles, one at 30-35 miles,
and a final check just a few miles from the finish to prevent racing horses who
are marginal.  Our rides tend to be hot & very humid.  (95* F and 100% humidity
are not unusual.)

I hesitate to see AERC make a <rule> for the frequency of vet checks since each
ride and area is so different.  What if there is no good location to get to the
riders ito a vet check in the "prescribed" distance?  What if the weather
changes to quite cold - would it be in the horse's best interest to keep moving
to more sheltered location?  etc....

Rather than a rule, perhaps some vet education before new vets work & control a
ride.  Offer insight as to spacing of vet checks and the strategy involved, and
allow flexibility based on ambient condition, terrain, manpower, etc.

Linda Flemmer
Blue Wolf Ranch
Bruceton Mills, WV

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