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Courtney Has Worms

Well actually, his horses have worms. This is what he told me at the

We were talking about the Twenty Mule Team ride and I was complementing
him on how well he adjusted and reacted to the fact that there was no
water at the first vet check. (The tank had been shot full of holes that
morning!) He had raced back to base camp and returned with water.

When we asked him how his horses had fared, he said middling or ok, but
that they should have done better and he determined that they had worms.
He said that he has a very methodical system for worming and he was VERY
surprised to find they had worms. He said that he was going to figure
out how that could be.

Now I think that it takes quite a person to admit something like that
publicly. (How many dogs would admit to that! "Hey Bif, I have worms.")

I now have to rank Courtney Hart up there with Julie Suhr in testifying
publicly to having something go wrong.  One year at the Big Creek 70
mile ride Julie, after starting the 70 miler in the dark, noticed that
her horse was traveling funny at the 25 mile point. Something was wrong
and so she pulled in order to find out. This fine person then went
around camp showing us all her poor horse. She had neglected checking
both sides of her english saddle that dark morning and the front part of
the panel had been folded under. The knee roll had dug into the horse's
shoulder for 25 miles and had actually produced at deep dent. Julie
didn't hide that and went around camp showing us all what could happen
if you are not careful, careful, careful.

I have to, but I  hate to, add Courtney to my list of good people
willing to testify to their mistakes.

Steve Shaw

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