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Convention Stories

I have a story about Courtney Hart, head of the Education Committee and
Board member.

But first, a perspective about next year's convention speakers and
seminars. And I would like all of your support if you think this is a
good plan for next year, especially since I am opposed by Courtney about

I believe that the single most important aspect about endurance riding
and racing success is hydration. AND I have discovered how to lead a
horse to water and make it drink. Now Courtney Hart does not believe me
and actually I am not ready to disclose that competitive advantage, yet.
However, I have offered to Courtney to assist him and Bob Beecher with
next  year's convention program if it would be centered around hydrating
the horse.

Since Courtney believes I am probably crazy (but that is only because I
am so much like him) he doesn't want to give up any of that control.

I would like to propose that next year's Convention program deal
primarily with aspects of hydrating the horse. I have offered him an

I also would like to see clinics and discussions centered around taking
and evaluating horse pulse and respiration's and NOT just relying on
Pulse Meters.

Steve Shaw

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