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Re: Ride First Aid

Wendy Milner wrote:

>> If you already have a sore, there is a great product out that
>> you can apply directly to wound. I can't remember the name,
>> but it is something like an artificial skin.

russell d calanni wrote:

> We use it in the nursing home. I think it's called duoderm.

Duoderm is a relatively thick product (even the ultra-thin version) made of
what feels like thick, sticky dough.  It does stick to the skin on its own as
it heats up to body temperature,  but it also peels off as it receives
friction.  It won't last long for riding.  Duoderm's purpose is to provide a
moist, clean environment to help pressure sores to heal in relatively immobile

The liquid that Wendy talks about (Liquid Banadage is one brand name) works
MUCH better.  It looks a little like you're brushing on a clear finish coat for
your finger nails.  Yes, it does wear off, but it provides great protection.  I
generally used to put some on at each vet check if I had a new or healing sore.

Back when we all rode in jeans, you just weren't an endurance rider if you
didn't have scars and sores healing around you knees.  I had a lot of
experience with this before I switched to tights.  I've found that tights with
knee patches tend to bunch & rub worse for me.  I've gone to an all cotton
tight with padded seat and knees by Carousel.  They're HEAVEN!  I found that I
was too "slick" in the nylon tights they make, and they seemed to cause more
friction for me than all natural cotton.

One thing I did to prevent some of the rubs where the tights used to bunch up -
I added stirrups to all of them.  I used 1.25" wide reinforced elastic that
runs under my instep.  I've found that if the tights don't bunch up, I don't
get rubs!

Linda Flemmer
Blue Wolf Ranch
Bruceton Mills, WV

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