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Re: RideCamp: AERC Convention

Unlike Karen, this was my first AERC Convention.  In fact, AERC now has
another new member.  I have to comment that the presentations and panel
discussions were first class. As a newbie, I am not in a position to
comment on the "new tone" Karen referred to, although it was obvious
that particularly Dr. Nancy Loving expected some resistance to her very
frank discussion of the need to elevate care for our horses *before*
intensive treatment was needed.

I will say that one of the big things that drew me to this sport is the
level of knowledge, care and concern shown by the participants in
general with respect to their horses.  That's not to say there isn't
room for improvement.... there is ALWAYS room for improvement.  Dr.
Loving and the other ride vets participating in the subsequent panel
discussion made some suggestions well worth seriously considering. I
hope we'll be able to use the Ridecamp forum here to pick up the ball
and run with it.

I have a personal stake of course as the two horses I am starting in
this sport are 4 and 19.  We will of course start slowly, and it's
entirely possible that neither ever actually becomes an "endurance"
horse.  But, I want to do absolutely as much as I can to see that these
two guys (Splash and Fred) stay sound and healthy and that whatever we
do is a good experience for them too, not just me.

I'd like to start the ball rolling by throwing out what I think is one
of the most important proposed changes: more vet checks and checks
earlier.  The official proposal was a minimum of two vet checks per 50
miles with the first check in the first 15 to 18 miles.

I had a great time BTW, what a really nice group of people.

Kirsten (Price) Foruria
Vermilion Desert Ranch
Reno Nevada

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