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Re: Please help save our horses!!!!

OK, I promised myself I would stay out of this one...but here I am.

Everyone is whining about the fact that these horses are getting sent to
slaughter because they are old, lame or the owner just doesn't want them.  So
if this bothers you so much, why aren't you at the auctions buying these
horses and bringing them home.  Probably for the same reason that the previous
owner sent them there...they can't afford it.

I am not advocating slaughter of horses...not by any stretch of the
imagination.  I just know with my limited resources, I can't afford to bring
one home and save it.

Because horse meat is not accepted in our culture, that doesn't mean that it
is wrong.  Look at India, they won't eat cows -- they are sacred.  How many of
us had beef to eat in the last week?

Just something to ponder,

Diane (and no, he would never go -- because he is my pet) & Phoenix (Thanks

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