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Re: Please help save our horses!!!!

Hello April,

Have you ever been to a public livestock auction?  It's horrifying how 
many horses are discarded when they are no longer able to keep up in 
performance, halter or breeding.  Many that end up in auction are lame, 
however many are discarded because the owner wasn't responsible enough 
to find a decent home for them and simply couldn't take care of them any 

I know that if this message reaches enough people the beef industry is 
going to feel it.  Many of these are the same people that are marketing 
horses for meat in Canada and Japan.  I don't want to hurt the ranchers 
that are running a clean business, but for the ones that are turning our 
pets and devoted working horses into meatloaf, this is the only way I 
know to get them to listen.

Please tell me how you believe we can stop this senseless slaughter.  
There must be a way.  


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