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Re: full recovery at vet checks?

In a message dated 2/20/99 8:25:49 PM Pacific Standard Time,

<< but then if we're talking about uptake from the hindgut, and we've
 developed those pathways during training, and we've been supplementing
 with salts/water/fiber/carbs during the extended work, haven't we taken
 care of that?>>

No. Here's what happens. After fuel-depleting, muscle-damaging exercise, the
body has two problems to solve. It needs to clean up the mess (which takes
energy) and it needs to rebuild tissue (also requires energy). So, the body
has to make a decision as to where it can count on this energy to come from.
If blood glucose is low and slow to recover, then, at some point within the
first two hours post exercise, the body goes catabolic. breaking down tissues
in order to repair others. This catabolic state will then last for about 48

If blood glucose is elevated rather soon after exercise (less than an hour is
preferred) then the body begins to cautiously go anabolic--rebuilding damaged
tissues using the energy that is provided by carbohydrate intake. Actually,
the anabolic state is accomplished by IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor) due to the
availability of carbohydrate-specific energy--fat plays no part.

Skipping the catabolic stage means skipping the stiffness and washiness of a
difficult recovery. Many racehorses, because of the way they're fed--or not
fed--require three days of recovery. A horse that gets a nice perky dose of
carbs within an hour of the race, and then more support over the next 4-6
hours, bounces back the next day like nothing touched him--even though repair
is still going on.
 >>not that I'd take away edibles from a hungry horse just because the ride
 was over, but I think we're just going around the same barn here again
 and again. >>

It's a little more complicated than that--there are several barns to traverse
and each has its requirements. 


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