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need info about breeds.

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From: Anne Perkins 

I fell in love with endurance riding last summer thus I am very new to the sport.  I used my 9 year- old half Morgan, half Quater Horse mare in a multi- day ride and was pulled on day two for a  "heart murmer".  I want to condition a horse for this season, but after reading my endurance news for the past several months it has become painfully obvious that I need an Arabian to be competive in this sport. Painfull because I don't own one and my mare is really nice!.  I need advice.  I have already decided to find a 5 to 6 year old gelding that is ready to be conditioned for this season.  My question is " Should I sell the mare to pay for a new horse, or hang on to her and breed her to a fine Arabian stallion for a future endurance prospect. Would her heart murmer problem be passed on to offspring? Could a cross breed such as this work for endurance?  Does anyone out there have a gelding for sale that is under $3000 that I could start this season? Although I am new to endurance, I am an experienced horsewoman and have started several colts and trained horses. I live in Helena, Montana and would appreciate opinions from experienced endurance people.
Anne Perkins

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