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Defending ponies

>This reminds me of an opinion my husband always had about >ponies
>(Shetlands):>never get one for your child to learn on.  He >said they
were >obstinate,>opinionated,

Since I totally disagree, I will come out and defend ponies.

I LOVE PONIES!!!!  I think the only reason ponies have bad reputations is
that they're often raised by children or non-horsemen.

They are smarter than horses, which can be good or bad.  It's good in
that their survival instincts are stronger (sort of like mules) so I
don't worry nearly as much about blind runaways or the horse hurting the
kids by panicing.

Ponies' feet are tougher, making shoes unnecessary for most.  That really
helps when there are several riders in the family.  Also, being barefoot
is safer around pavement or slick driveways.

They're closer to the ground, and not as fast.  You may come off, but it
won't be as bad a wreck.

They're very economical to feed, and in 28 years of continuous pony
ownership, I've never had to call a vet for one.

They have longer life-spans.

Unlike Kaboot, they cannot resist surrendering to be caught if you have
even the smallest of treats to offer.

They're "to scale" for children.  I've never been one to think it was
"soo cute" when a tiny child is on a huge horse.  I think it's adorable
when a tiny child has a tiny pony that fits them perfectly.  When Josie
was 3 years old she could lead her tiny pony around and clean its feet. 
THAT was cute.

They're fun to ride bareback...which can eliminate the "great saddle
hunt" need I say more? :-)

Angie, Krackers, Stormy & Abbey

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