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Re: Horse too fast!!

<< 'm familiar with the gamma product but not the chromium yeast...where
 is that available?>

A place to start is brewer's yeast. KER May have a product available, since a
significant portion of the chromium research in horses was performed by Joe
  >If you will do a blood
 > test, cell differentials, chemistries and enzymes on this horse, I will pay
 > for it.
 Sure, I would be happy to Tom....only problem at the moment is that we
 have about 5' of snow right now and the horse trailer is buried.  I have
 only drawn blood myself once before, with the help of my vet, so I don't
 have much confidence in my abilities to do it on a very hairy horse
 (horse  likely wouldn't appreciate my attempts either :))
 If you are not in a big hurry, I will have to get a coggins/health cert
 on them in a few months, and we could do it then....otherwise, the
 nearest vet is a little over 50 miles away, not sure what a vet call
 would run, but my guess is it wouldn't be cheap.  What do all these test
 entail?  Just blood samples?>

I'm in no hurry as long as your diet stays constant. The only requirement is
that your vet would tell you that it's a competent lab, capable of those three
tests: cell differentials, chemistries and enzymes. You have up to $200 to


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