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Re: last word...

In a message dated 2/19/99 1:00:03 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Tom, I'm going to retire to my respective corner, as the Happy Thought
 Police are getting restless in the presence of lively and noisy debate.
 Most folks on ridecamp have figured out that you and I are having fun
 shouting at each other while discussing the topic at hand---others just
 can't quite handle it.  Different strokes.  Undoubtedly we'll continue this
 at some future date.  You're still my favorite junkyard dog.
 Susan G >>

Well, we've had a good party and it didn't get too far out of bounds. Please,
if you're ever in my nect of the woods and there's sunshine, let me take you
on a long cruise up the Columbia an you can tell me about the interesting
stuff in the Japan ICEEP. 


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