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Re: last word...

Susan Evans Garlinghouse wrote:
> Thanks, Cindy, I always enjoy a rowdy shouting match when there's no real
> malice on either side.  I'm teaching a seminar on endurance horse nutrition
> sometime soon up in Tom's neck of the woods, so if you hear lightening and
>'s just us having a good time.
> Susan
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> From: Budler,Cindy <>
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> Date: Friday, February 19, 1999 1:16 AM
> Subject: RE: last word...
> >Well, I for one thoroughly enjoy these sessions , and my great wish is
> >to one day (not too long in the future as it seems Tom might be getting
> >on in years<VBG>) too get over there to the US of A and be present
> >around a campfire where I could get you 2 together!!! Who needs a fire!!
> >Cindy

My sister tells a funny story about watching two ministers have an
argument about some specific theological premise.  As the discussion
went back and forth, they were using biblical quotes to bolster their
positions, but neither actually quoted the verses -- they just named the
chapter/verse of the quote!  She said she had no clue what they were
talking about, but it was great fun to watch.

At least in this case, most of us can follow the discussion without
needing to type and turn pages at the same time.


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