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Re: Horse too fast!! wrote:
> This is really interesting to me. Describe your horse and his behavior and
> energy level again for us if you would. Also body condition. This is a genuine
> fat loading diet.

Hmm, I'll be sure to remind him that he can start feeling lethargic at
any time now <G>

Horse is a 15.1 h Arabian, 11 yrs, very narrow bodied, long smooth
muscling.  About 850lbs, maybe a tad more, haven't taped him for awhile.
He is in a 2 acre pasture with a run in shed, I sit until he cleans up
his grain/oil so that the tubbo horse doesn't get it, beet pulp I just
dump in the feeders morning and night, so arguably he could be getting a
bit less beet pulp than I stated.

He isn't nervous or pacing in his pasture....has bouts of play time,
usually early morning, where he throws his cones around and divebombs
the other horse...kinda acts like a 2 yr old :)

Energy level???  Gawd help me.....the horse is turbocharged.  I have
never even managed to get him tired..last spring I pulled him out of the
pasture where he had been sitting for most of the previous year, took
him to a 50 miler....he was still spooking at the finish line, and
almost drug me off at the final vet check. Vet said the horse was ready
to be doing 100's, the 50's were too easy for him  (nothing was
mentioned about the rider's condition...ahem)  And recoveries were very
fast...within a minute or so.

body score would probably be ~5 right now (lots of hair hard to see what
is meat!) ....and that is doing nothing but hanging around for the
winter...I was hoping to get him tubbed up a bit more to have some
reserve for the upcoming season (he will be the main horse this year) 
So I guess we will see how the diet goes come competition time...

so what on earth would you feed such a beast to get anymore weight on
him? I think I have some vanilla weight gainer powder around....should I
mix him a milkshake? <G>


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