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Re: Horse too fast!! wrote:
> This has to do with carbohydrate tolerance?
ummmmm if they get too uppity with carbs then they will kill you?????

>  in on Psycho horse...least it keeps the weight on....>
> What percentage of your diet is fat?

gads, I dunno percentage????  He gets 2.5 cups of oil a day, 2 quarts of
beet pulp (unsoaked measure) free choice grass hay and 3 lbs of sweet
COB, oh and a vit/min mix....right now in the dead of winter, he is
doing nothing (well, keeping warm I guess) and he is just barely at a
nice weight...he could stand to gain more....suggestions?  

and before anyone asks <G> yes, he has been floated and wormed :)


If you love something, let it go.  If it doesn't return....hunt it down,
and kill it.
Lucien LaCroix

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