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Re: Horse too fast!!

Yes, I remember your horses from Tevis, you entered late or something, so
you weren't on the printed list of riders when we collected data.
Congratulations on doing so well at Cow Tank!  Yup, I think taking the best
of both worlds re fats and carbs is the way to go.

Say hi to Darlene for me. :-)

Susan G
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Date: Wednesday, February 17, 1999 11:34 PM
Subject: Re: Horse too fast!!

>Susan, I just came back from the Cow Tanks Ride.  There were about 50
>and only 10 horses completed all three days (180 miles).  We trained,
>conditioned & fed 3 of the 10 horses that completed.  My husband & I
>4th & 5th overall, Top Ten'd two out of three days.  My daughter "Charlene"
>grandson "Jordan" shared her horse.  We feed carbs & fat.  You did the
>on weighted horses at the Tevis, well the same three horse's rated; 5.0
>Bar The Door, 4.5 Ima Liberated Lady & 4.5 Mistanza.  Lady & Mistanza
>completed, Kate did not because of slight lamness, not due to energy or
>Tammy Robinson
>Trail-Rite Ranch
>We Produce Great Horse's & Rider's, Not Discover Them!

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