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Re: Horse too fast!!

>Then what the hell is your complaint about what I've been saying all

Who's complaining and getting our panties all in a bunch other than you?
The original conversation was in regards to the Lewis quote, which was in
regards to supplying adequate dietary energy through carbos, protein or
fats.  Dietary energy refers to total energy requirements, not just a little
goodie here and there during competition.

>Small frequent doses of carbofaster acting ones that don't sluice on into
>cecum. This is the first time you've reported your carb-feeding advice.

No, just the first time you've paid attention before immediately barreling
into rants about ignorance and tunnel vision.

>agrees with mine!

Told you that months ago.  Wake up.

So what are you complaining about about? You already know it
>works. Please tell Heidi and the rest.

We (all us Keepers of the Past and Poobahs in Training) knew the effects of
carbohydrates.  Good and bad.  We just don't consider carbohydrates to be
the magic bullet to cure all ills to the exclusion of common sense.  You
have a good handle on the advantages, but you've blinkered yourself into
ignoring the downsides and practical limitations of carbohydrates.  There's
no law that says you can't take the best of both worlds, both fats and
carbos.  So who's got the tunnel vision, Chief?

Susan G

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