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Re: Horse too fast!!

> My sister had an Arabian mare that she fox hunted with, did dressage, three day
> eventing..everything,...and being a Serafix/ BASK grandaughter, she was a huge
> engine in a little horse.  Tons of energy.  She called me up one day and said
> she was ready to sell the horse because rides had become no fun at all!!  The
> first 45 minutes were a nightmare...and she was no longer looking forward to
> their rides or the fox hunts (this mare would jump anything in front of
> her...dynamite mare!).  I said, check to see if they are giving her sweet
> feed..Arabs can't handle is like giving a kid too much sugar....BINGO,
> the stable thought the mare could use more feed since she was so fit...and they
> not only upped her feed.....they changed it to a sweet feed!

'Back to straight oats and the problem went away......I think that more folks
should think about the horse not able to handle sugar if they are feeding it and
riding a rocket!

Melanie Johnson

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