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still lurk'in., train'in, ridin..learn'in...hello

Hi ridecampers,

I'm still here in No.Cal waiting for spring to come.  The horses got fooled
and started to shed...Mystery was shivering and looking miserable to keep
warm.  I'm thinking he went into fall with more muscle then ever before, and
less fat, so my mistake.  Next fall I'll know to fatten him up a bit more.

My wrist is almost whole again, thanks everyone who asked.  I'm enforcing
"ground" tying now, while clean'in feet etc...if Mystery moves he goes back
into the same spot he moved from.  And he is praised for not
these morabs learn fast.....  I now always untie him from the trailer before
switching bridles simple to avoid these stupid out of the blue

Circling helped me with Mystery too while we watched horses go down the
trail and around corners, but it included cues of praise for any forward
motion on a loose rein, so he caught on quick.  He "can" walk fast, but it's
a walk!  Testing resulted in time out of just staying there and calming
down.    It took some time (and still does) but he listens now.

Lessons and quiet rides through wet redwoods and foggy coasts continue, am
waiting to meet Linda Romanders new filly Roxanne...congratulations to her.
Sounds like she has a bright future ahead for them both...<g>

Wilderness issues are so much bigger than just us and where we can ride.
Hard to swallow in Alaska too when no motorized vehicles are allowed, but
man you sure do feel what we have lost in the lower 48.  It sucks there are
no eagles flying everywhere, and the blm & forest service land are raped and
the resources sold overseas at a loss.  Walk where only the bears walk and
you will know what I mean.
But this is an endurance list....

Ok, and lastly, be nice Susan and Ti!  Wish I could brave the mountains and
drive on over to Reno, blow a couple $100 and meet all of you folks.  But
well, Mystery needs his shots, and he just got more shoes, and I don't have
4wheel drive.  Maybe next year after I've completed my first 50.  For now I
will be watching for the grey whales...hope the swells are down....

Happy rest of winter you'all, and thanks Steph and John for putting up with
us at ridecamp.
Kimberly (&Mystery the Morab..."I told you I should just eat and not work!")
Pt.Reyes, CA

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