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Re: Wilderness Designations

Hi: If you fail to look at my reply in total and choose to overlook the
methods that OUR management agencies have supposedly cared for OUR lands i/e
stripped them of resources then traded or sold/exchanged them off We deserve
what we have sowed by the APATHY that abounds in the equestrian community.
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>In a message dated 2/16/99 8:02:45 PM Pacific Standard Time,
><<  the results are we
> do not have sufficient OPEN SPACE i/e Recreational Lands that are left to
> provide uses for our GROWING POPULATIONS. >>
><< They including myself have learned what must be done to
>preserve our Open Space including Wilderness Areas.>>
>The designated wilderness areas (or as Bob puts it, Wilderness with a
>W) IS closed off to the growing population for uses such as recreation.
>is precisely why so many of us are fighting so hard to have public lands
>managed in such a way that the public can use it and enjoy it, rather than
>locking it up so that the public must get an Act of Congress to use it.

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