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Re: Wilderness Designations

Hi: We better save buy/preserve as much land as we can if we do not save/buy
it now we shall have an extremely difficult task to gain any additional
Lands in the future. If/when enough land exists all users may be
accommodated and laws changed to provide access. This is real hard to
accomplish if the Land inventory continues to shrink by selling and
exchanging it private landownership.
One "MUST" remember if sufficient Habitats does not exist most activities
will cease, you are all in a position to assist in having sufficient Lands
available to the Public that will protect the Habitats and Eco-systems. If
we do not acquire any Lands there will be additional pressure brought to
bear that we shall have little input to the decisions. WE SHALL LOOSE and
rightly so. When we have additional Lands the pressure will not be only
Wilderness. steven
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>Right, Steven, we all can agree that  land must be preserved if it is to
>be there for us to use in the future.  To repeat  what I said,  there are
>other more user-friendly designations for public land that will also
>preserve the resource, than creating wilderness areas with our tax
>dollars and then locking us out.   Connie B.
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