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Re: Need help to get shooters and off roaders out

I believe in an eye for an eye when it comes to such morons.  They are not even a
part of the human race. There are more and more of them and THEY are
winning..WHY?  Because the ACLU and others in our government seek to "protect the
rights off all" by denying the rights of most of us.

1.Read Atlas Shrugged (Ayn Rand).

2. Set a trap and kill the S.O.B.'s...these kind don't deserve to live.  If you
just trun them in, they will get a most a slap on the wrist and sent right back
out to do it again.  It is the ONLY way you will win the war..else you are
fighting a losing battle.

Teddy wrote:

> We, our community, have a problem  in our area with shooters/wanna be hunters
> and off road vehicles.  I just came in from riding and was narrowly missed by
> a quad runner going wide open around a curve.  I jumped my mule into some
> heavy brush when I heard the engines and within 4 seconds of doing this a quad
> runner blew by me.  I startled the driver and he almost lost control.  He
> never did slow up.  His buddy never even saw me as he blew by.   Last summer
> we had 30 people on a moonlight  trail ride.  We had stopped on a plateau
> overlooking the valley.  There are absolutely no paved roads in this area.
> Just a few homes, including mine.  A car came up the dirst road and sprayed
> bullets at us.  Thank God no one was hit(including equines).  My house has
> been hit with bird shot, my neighbor even hit by bird shot from hunters.
> Morons show up with their guns and shoot at targets on top of hills or better
> yet, propped up on boulders!  Ever heard the term ricochette?(sp)  I have had
> bullets whiz past me from shooters shooting at targets they set up on top on a
> hill and I was on the opposite side of the hill.  Several of us who live up
> here have attended town meetings with our county supervisor.  He assures us
> that signs will be posted for no hunting/shooting  or off roading.  Almost a
> year later nothing has been done. I live in an area called Juniper Flats in
> So. Ca.  We were on the news last fall for the fires that devestated our area.
> We still have a very high fire area here.  WHO DO I CALL OR WRITE???  This has
> to stop before someone else dies up here.  Yes, there was a hiker that took a
> ricochette in the femeral artery and bled to death before anyone found him.
> How do we get all of these fools to stay out of here??  Please e-mail me with
> any suggestions you may have.   Thanks very much.    gesa

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