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RE: Dogs and Endurance

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From: Tamara 

I'm not sure about one breed of dog  being better or worse than others for riding companions, but I take my Dalmations on some rides with me.  It just depends on the speed of the ride and the type of "distractions" I might encounter.  One of them is deaf and her I keep on a 25 ft. retractable line since she can't hear me call her back if she ranges to far away.  She heels nicely but can get distracted, hince the added safety of the line.  I only do this on my horse, he is handy about lines and such and won't bolt if tangled.  And I only do this when riding by myself.  I don't trust other people's horses to be as forgiving as mine when a black spotted "monster" leaps a ditch to chase a jackrabbit, barking insanely all the while.

"... and God sought to bestow upon man a supreme mark of his blessing, God created the horse.  The horse could run faster than the deer, jump higher than the goat, and endure longer than the wolf.  Man, being encompassed by elements that sought to destroy him, would have been a slave, had the horse not made him king."

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