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Dogs and Endurance

Subject: RE:  Dogs and Endurance

From: Tamara 
I'm not sure about one breed of dog  being better or worse than others 
for riding companions, but I take my Dalmations on some rides with me.  
It just depends on the speed of the ride and the type of "distractions" 
I might encounter.  One of them is deaf and her I keep on a 25 ft. 
retractable line since she can't hear me call her back if she ranges to 
far away.  She heels nicely but can get distracted, hince the added 
safety of the line.  I only do this on my horse, he is handy about lines 
and such and won't bolt if tangled.  And I only do this when riding by 
myself.  I don't trust other people's horses to be as forgiving as mine 
when a black spotted "monster" leaps a ditch to chase a jackrabbit, 
barking insanely all the while.

Hey Tamara and ridecampers,
 I also own a deaf dalmatian. I can't take him out to the stable where I 
board, but that's alright with me since he is deaf I won't want him 
getting hurt. The very first dalmatian I owned, the breeders had horses 
and always rode with the dogs. I also read on a dalmatian web page that 
they do some kind of endurance competition. Not sure since I read it 
some time ago, but something like 25 miles pulling someone in a cart of 
some kind. Now that's endurance for a dog. :-) So all you endurance 
rides that want a dog that can keep up with you, consider a dalmatian. 
The web pages have lots of information on the breed as they are not for 
everyone (usually people with not a lot of time to spend with them and 
not a lot of space for them to run). I have loved all my Dals and if I 
could I would love to take mine with me on rides.

Julie A. O'Neill
214 E. State St.
Mascoutah, Ill. 62258
I love riding my horse!

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