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Fw: YOUR HELP NEEDED - Wilderness

This came from a friend of mine. I thought it might be good to share it on
ridecamp for our trails cause.
-----Original Message-----
From: Lucy Estabrook <>
To: <>
Date: Monday, February 15, 1999 10:43 AM
Subject: YOUR HELP NEEDED - Wilderness

>Mary, would you please forward this to your Endurance list? I hope everyone
>will respond, because no trails, no rides. Thanks.
>---------------------- Forwarded by Lucy Estabrook/MBES/MOORE on 02/15/99
>10:25 AM ---------------------------
>Subject:  YOUR HELP NEEDED - Online CNN Poll on Wilderness
>Your help - maybe 5 seconds of your time - is needed to speak up for
>in an online CNN poll, described below, that ORVers are trying to take
>All you have to do is check a box and it will be a step in showing that
>cares about protecting the wild areas we all know and love.  Please pass
>to similarly concerned parties.
>-Rich Schiebel
>[ The following is excerpted from an alert list that the Southern Utah
>Wilderness Alliance (SUWA) sends out. Contact them at
>for questions or to subscribe. ]
>> CNN is doing an online poll at
>> The poll question is "Should the U.S. government declare more land
>> protected wilderness areas?" The results were about 80% Yes and 20% No
>> until some online off-road vehicle (ORV) discussion groups started to
>> organize a "No" campaign (encouraging each of their comrades to vote
>> multiple times). Now the poll is running about 50-50.
>> These numb-skull ORV extremists think that no one will notice that they
>> are trying to stack the deck. Let's thwart this desperate attempt to
>> draw attention to their anti-wilderness cause. If everyone on this list
>> takes a few seconds to vote "Yes" in the poll, the numbers would go back
>> to the way they were before the ORV groups started organizing. Letting
>> several of your friends know about the poll would also be helpful.
>> Reputable, scientific polls consistently show that (a) most of the
>> public wants what little wilderness remains protected, and (b) ORV abuse
>> gets higher negatives than any other threat to public lands (roughly
>> twice as high as extractive industries). Let's not let ORV groups
>> obscure these facts by stacking an online poll.

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