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Texas ride problem

Recently I rode a ride in the central zone (Texas). I realized we have a
growing problem. There seems to be a problem with saving places for late
arrivals. I can understand a single spot for your friend, but there was
so much caution tape strung around the campsite close to the vet check
area that you couldn’t find a spot for a big rig or for two rigs
together!  I asked ride management why all these spots were being held
and was told most of them were for the vets and workers???? Well me and
my friend finally found a place pretty close and set up camp and watched
our late arrivals come in!! Most of which were not workers or vets…  Now
let me say I took ½ day off work Thursday and all day Friday and got up
at 3AM to make the long drive 6-8hrs. To get there early and get a close
spot!!! What makes me mad is the fact that this is happening more and
more at the Texas rides!
It has to stop. I talked with at least 30-40 people who were just like
me stuck outside of camp because of places being saved for late
arrivals. These people too were mad because they to took off and drove
long hours only to arrive at a camp full of reserved spots. So the
question is who gets the good spots and why??? Is there some click thing
going on that is more important than a persons right to choose where to
park? I know I have not done a ROC or been at every ride but I to pay
for the same rights and privileges that every other AERC member are
in-titled to…  Lets try and consider the little guy every now and then
and consider how they feel when they drive up and find a camp like this.
And let me say this is not the only ride it happens on in Texas…
any comments can be directed to me:
Mary Watkins ( AERC#M14010

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