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Re: Wilderness Read first

 described below, that ORVers are trying to 
>take>>over.>>All you have to do is check a box and it will be a step in
showing >that>>public
>>cares about protecting the wild areas we all know and love.

You'd better read this twice before you vote.  Am I correct in thinking
that more "WILDERNESS" areas means fewer trails for our competitions?  At
our Tennessee WMA I was informed that a horse is a "motorized vehicle" 
when I ventured past a sign that said "no motorized vehicles beyond this
point".  Being "For" Wilderness sounds good, but check the definition of
wilderness first.  I prefer more "forest".

I've found the ORV'ers and mountain bikers to be far more sympathetic to
horses than the Sierra Club hiker types.  Doesn't mean I want 4-wheelers
on our trails, but I certainly am not going to hold my breath for the
hikers to embrace us.


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